About us


From the lap of the Rocky Mountains comes a group of environmentally conscious professionals who nurture a profound appreciation of Nature and its wonders. Dryleaf is a community of young entrepreneurs with diverse origins who share a common belief in ensuring that our environment is sustained for the generations to come after us. We all believe that we as human can do better in finding more creative and environmentally viable ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle in today’s modern world.

We at Dryleaf are committed to solving this problem by introducing an eco-friendly, biodegradable and affordable solution to dinnerware plates for homes, businesses and restaurants. Our solution came from an ancient practice that has been in use for more than 1000 years. Areca leaf plates and bowls are made from disposable Areca Palm leaf leaves that come from a 100% natural source. No artificial material is added and they can be made into different shapes and forms according to the purpose intended.

From ancient India comes the inspiration for Dryleaf’s solution to environmental pollution. Our disposable, environmentally-friendly dinnerware and dining accessories are designed especially for today’s audience in mind. Affordable, health-friendly and naturally insulating, Dryleaf Dinnerware are great for your picnics, dinners, receptions and even everyday use at home for an eco-friendly household. Our products are also microwave safe, practical and very trendy.We are a socially responsible company that is dedicated to helping the environment by making naturally occurring and degrading dinnerware of extremely high quality.

We hope that we can influence people to use more environmentally-friendly options in their daily life. We also partner with NGOs and agencies that are committed to raising awareness about the dangers of plastics and we support training programs aimed at supporting and helping families.