Why Dryleaf's Product

Why Our Product?

Isn’t it wonderful to know that your dinnerware is made from a wholly eco-friendly process and is completely biodegradable? Here are some reasons why you should choose our Areca Palm Tree dinnerware and ditch the plastic stuff.

Environmentally Sustainable

Our products are made from fallen leaves (100% natural). This does not affect the environment at all, does not pollute or impact the environment negatively.

100% Natural

Safe for kids, the environment and compostable, areca palm plates do not contain any chemicals or artificial materials which could pose harm to you or the environment. We at Dryleaf are totally committed to ensuring that this remains unchanged throughout the production process.

Practical and Durable

These plates are strong enough that to be used to serve and cut steak. No more poking holes in disposable plates. Areca plates can withstand hot or cold food items as well as insulate them.

Ethical and Socially Responsible Production

We ensure that all workers in our production factory in South Asia or India earn fair wages and support poor communities through economic empowerment. We are also partners with NGOs that help promote environmental protection.

Better than plastic and Styrofoam

Plastic and Styrofoam do not degrade in the environment, they are petroleum-derived and stay in the ecosystem for many years. Areca products are biodegradable and can reduce landfill mass by up to 30%